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The Spa's signature sips are authentic and pure, ensuring your tea sipping experience is absolutely unique. All tea's are loose-leaf, small-batch blended using organic or certified organic ingredients without preservatives or additives. 


1. Mama Mia Mint - Medium Caffeine

Gunpowder green tea & peppermint leaf 50gr



2. Kelly's Be Calm & Sip - Caffeine Free

Rooibos/nettle/rosehip/raspberry/licorice/anise/cardamom/clove/calendula/lavender petals 50gr



3. Mia's Exotic Elixir - Medium Caffeine

 An exotic blend of sencha green tea/pineapple/coconut/apple pieces/

hibiscus/rosehip 50gr 



4. Mia's Tea Latte - High Caffeine 

Aromatic black tea infused with Canadian maple syrup/calendula/sunflower

petals and natural flavour organic compliant 50gr


5. Kelly&Coco - Provence - High Caffeine

Beautiful fragrant black tea with bergamot 50gr


6. Mia's Fall in Love - Medium Caffeine

Sencha green tea/air dried apple pieces/cinnamon spice/rose petals  50gr