Serum C20 -Vitamin C

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The new generation of stable Vitamin C: Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, a 100% naturally derived form of vitamin C.   A green, sustainable, environmentally friendly ingredient  boasting a 20% dose of vitamin C.  In addition, the formula contains a combined total of 1.5 million native turmeric and pomegranate cells along with organic apricot oil, orange essential oil, and Yonka Quintessence.  Formulated without water, preservatives, acids or alcohol, this oleo-serum C20 has a thin, lightweight, non-greasy oil-based texture that penetrates quickly to envelop and comfort the most demanding and sensitive skin types. 

Working with green sciences - biotechnologies, Serum C20 is a super-powerful formula to address and correct lack of skin radiance, lines, wrinkles, skin tone unevenness and dark spots.