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Savour a petite but oh-so-perfect bar of Soul Chocolate.  Experience cacao that originates from dedicated and hard-working farmers that is delicately roasted and then precisely refined into unique bean-to-bar chocolatey goodness. 
Soulful Canadian chocolate makers have created bars with unique subtleties for your tasting pleasure .  The soulful graphic designs on the pouches of each bar are made of compostable material and printed with soy ink.


Petite Chocolate Gems:


*Mountain Flake Salt - 70% Dark Chocolate 

Dominican chocolate with a touch of salt from Vancouver Island Salt Co.    25gr/$6.95


*Madagascar - 70% Dark Chocolate

Madagascar chocolate that has subtle flavours of homemade raspberry jam and overripe citrus.  Pair with your favourite red wine for an out of this world experience.  25gr/$6.95

*Gingerbread - 60% Dark Milk Chocolate

When breaking open this chocolate bar the fragrances from the spices billow out. Your tasting experience includes cinnamon, ginger and cloves; the essence of the "holidays."      25gr/$6.95


* Madagascar - 60% Dark Milk Chocolate

The bridge between milk and dark chocolate. This bar reminds us of toffee with a touch of fruitiness.       25gr/$6.95